Blizzard Responds to Love Is in the Air Progress Resets

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Love Is in the Air progress resets are leaving players concerned and frustrated.

WoW players have been reporting a bug affecting the progression of Love Is in the Air achievements. This technical issue has hampered both the Support Your Local Artisans and Love Language Expert. Many gamers are suffering from having their hard-earned progress resets automatically:

“Both “Support Your Local Artisans” and “Love Language Expert” achievements progression has been reset today. That meant for me at least that after giving out the whole 50000 gold I’m back to 20% completion when I should have finished it today. And the other achievement is pretty much impossible to finish now since it’s unlikely that the particular daily quest will be up enough with the right gifts to be doable this year.”

— WoW Player Dartanian

The bug is believed to stem from a recent hotfix implemented on live servers to make the achievements account-wide. However, unforeseen complications have emerged, resulting in unintended consequences for players. Many players are about to finish their achievements, and yet, because of this, now everything is back to square one.

Blizzard Acknowledges Love Is in the Air Progress Resets Issue

The Love Is in the Air event is scheduled to conclude on February 19. And so, it has become nearly impossible for affected players to regain their progress and earn the achievements in time. Fortunately, in a reassuring message to the community, Blizzard has acknowledged the ongoing issues. The development team is actively looking into the root causes of the reset problems and working to resolve them:

“Thank you for your reports. We’re aware of the issues with the Support Your Local Artisans and Love Language Expert achievements and we are currently looking into it.”

— Blizzard

Are you among the players affected by this bug? Share your story with us in the comments below!

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