Amirdrassil RWF: Team Liquid Grabs World Second

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The final boss of Dragonflight’s latest raid, Fyrakk, has succumbed to Team Liquid’s relentless efforts. The North American guild has triumphantly solidified its position as the World Second of the Amirdrassil RWF.

Earlier, Echo’s triumphant rise as the World First champion has set the gaming world ablaze. They narrowly edged out Liquid in a riveting head-to-head competition that had fans on the edge of their seats. Despite it all, Liquid swiftly rebounded to claim the World Second title. Their resilience and determination played a vital role in toppling Fyrakk to secure their silver medal.

The intensity of the day’s events was palpable, with each pull holding the potential to be the decisive moment. Liquid had faced various heart-stopping wipes, with one at 1.73% and another at 0.68%. Yet, undeterred, the NA guild finally managed to overcome the challenges posed by the formidable boss after 464 pulls:

The two top positions have been secured. Thus, the race for the third spot is in order. The remaining guilds are still locked in intense competitions. Will the behemoth Method secure the third position? Or will it be claimed by Instant Dollars, the guild that clinched World First on 5/9 bosses of the Amirdrassil raid? Tell us your predictions in the comments!

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