WoW Classic Hardcore: World First Level 60 Mage Died Again

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Vitochie is renowned as the player to clinch the World First title, conquering the perilous journey to Level 60 in WoW Classic Hardcore. However, tragedy struck in Zul’Gurub and resulted in his untimely demise. About a week after this unfortunate event, the determined Mage made a valiant return, steadily progressing to level 48. Yet destiny had a different course, as once more, he had to lie down his life in Zul’Farrak.ย 

During this fated encounter, Vitochie’s tank fell victim to crowd control. Thus, triggering an aggressive response from trash mobs. The DPS players fled from the tank. And unfortunately, Vitochie found himself ensnared by the clutches of Death once more.

This unexpected setback underscores the relentless nature of Hardcore mode. Without a doubt, Vitochie’s journey back to level 60 will be an uphill battle.

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