WoW Classic Hardcore: The Price of Survival

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A Redditor by the name of DarthYhonas shared a heart-wrenching tale in WoW Classic Hardcore. They had to safeguard their life or that of a fellow Warlock. Inevitably, the principle of survival of the fittest prevailed. They brought demise to the unfortunate Warlock. However, they are now forever haunted by the heavy burden of remorse and lingering regrets. Or not.

It all started when DarthYhonas was knee-deep in the Durnholde quests in Hillsbrad. As the Rogue explored a house in the area, they stumbled upon a Warlock locked in a fierce battle against the same mobs. So, being the brothers of the Horde, the two joined forces to take down the adversaries. 

Most of the hostile mobs were vanquished. All seemed well. There was no discord. Everyone was peacefully doing their part. But that was until the unexpected happened. The Warlock was suddenly mind-controlled.

DarthYhonas was low on health. However, the mind-controlled Warlock couldn’t resist the debuff and started attacking the OP. As a Rogue, they tried Vanishing. But that couldn’t stop the spellcaster from breaking their stealth and attempting to take their HP bar to zero. And so, the Redditor had to choose. Either they had to leave their life here, or the Warlock had to go. And, of course, they chose the latter.

At that moment, the Rogue felt they had no alternative but to eliminate their mind-controlled friend. It was necessary, they told themselves. But remorse still gnawed at the player’s conscience.

The Reddit community rallies around DarthYhonas. Many express sympathy for the player’s story. Some suggest that the Warlock’s DoTs might have inadvertently broken through the Rogue’s stealth. Or perhaps the Rogue was too close to their Warlock fellow, thus, canceling the Vanishing effect. 

However, as expected, there are also others who lighten the mood with jokes about a cold-blooded Rogue. According to them, the Rogue could have broken the Warlock’s line of sight until the effect of mind control wore out. But that wasn’t DarthYhonas’s choice. And so, his words are but crocodile’s tears.

So DarthYhonas has to defend themselves:

Well, it’s just another day in the realm of WoW Classic Hardcore. Ever since the servers went live, we’ve seen a plethora of both amusing and comical situations. Take, for example, the first Mak’gora over a belt, a devious duel, a couple who joined forces to overcome a Warrior’s death over the telephone. And now, even routine quests can lead to heart-pounding encounters and moral dilemmas. This unforgiving realm is undoubtedly one of Blizzard’s finest decisions to date. It has once again rekindled the liveliness of the in-game world of Azeroth. 

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