SoD Subjugate Demon Nerfed from 5 Minutes to 10 Seconds

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Blizzard has reduced SoD Subjugate Demon duration from 5 minutes to 10 seconds.

SoD players had been complaining about the lengthy duration of Warlock’s Subjugate Demon. The ability allowed Warlock to control a demon for five minutes without having to channel. While handy in PvE, this CC duration proved to be a nightmare for Warlocks in Metamorphosis form during PvP battles.

Meta Warlocks are technically classified as demons. They were vulnerable to the effects of said ability, compelled to obey the commands of those who had cast Subjugate Demon upon them. In PvP encounters, split-second reactions can sway the outcome of an entire battle. And being subjugated for five minutes spelled nothing different than certain defeat.

Without a doubt, the situation plunged numerous Meta Warlocks into turmoil. As described by WoW player Fornature:

SoD Subjugate Demon Duration Nerfed from 5 Minutes to 10 Seconds

SoD Subjugate Demon Duration Nerfed

Fortunately, Blizzard has listened. In a statement addressing the matter, the developers clarified that the lengthy control of another player was not part of their original plan. To restore balance to the battlefield, they had cut down the Subjugate Demon’s duration from 5 minutes to 10 seconds with diminishing returns:

“Hello Warlocks!

It was not intended to allow someone to control another player that long. To address this problem, a change went in last night to decrease the duration of Subjugate Demon against players down from 5 minutes to 10 seconds (with diminishing returns following suit). There are some cool class interactions out there that feel niche that we hope to retain, within reason, especially in Player versus Player environments.

Thank you all for the bug reports, we appreciate it.”

— Blizzard

What Players Think

In response to this adjustment, the WoW community is divided. Some expressed gratitude towards Blizzard for swiftly addressing the issue. Others asked for Subjugate Demon to be completely unusable on players. And there are also gamers who urged Blizzard to reduce the duration of other abilities such as Banish, Fear, Polymorph, and Sap:

SoD Subjugate Demon Duration Nerfed from 5 Minutes to 10 Seconds

What are your thoughts on this adjustment? Is the new 10-second duration too brief or too lengthy? Or perhaps you agree that Subjugate Demon should be entirely unavailable for use on players? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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