The Blood Moon Win Trading: SoD Phase 2 PvP Suffers

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The Blood Moon Win Trading is pushing SoD Phase 2 PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale into turmoil.

Key Takeaways

  • Players are exploiting the Blood Moon’s PvP mechanics, organizing Win Trading to gain Blood Coins.
  • They often gather near Spirit Healers in remote area, where they exchange takedowns with each other.
  • Win Trading diminishes genuine competition, turning the event into a repetitive pursuit of rewards.

In SoD Phase 2’s Stranglethorn Vale PvP event, players can earn Blood for the Blood Loa by defeating other players. It can then be exchanged for Blood Coins, the event’s currency that can be used to purchase various items.

In theory, this setup may create a fun and competitive PvP environment. However, in reality, many WoW players have explored it as a loophole. Despite warnings from WoW Classic developers, players have been organizing Win Trading to maximize their Blood Coins earnings with minimal effort.

How Blood Moon Win Trading Works

Reports indicate that players taking part in Win Trading often gather near Spirit Healers in secluded areas. There, they exchange takedowns with each other. Players remain idle while the others defeat them again and again whenever they respawn. Then, they switch roles until both parties accumulate enough Blood for the Blood Loa.

Many players express concerns that such actions undermine the integrity and enjoyment of SoD. The Win Trading issue also reduces the Blood Moon PvP event to a mere pursuit of rewards and equipment. This tactic significantly disrupts the intended gameplay experience. But despite the widespread acknowledgment of this issue, Blizzard has yet to address this pressing problem.

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