SoD Phase 2 Blood Moon Turns Flight Masters Hostile

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In Season of Discovery Phase 2, WoW players report that the Blood Moon turns Flight Masters hostile.

Key Takeaways

  • SoD Phase 2 introduces The Blood Moon PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale.
  • Flight Masters become hostile during The Blood Moon. You won’t be able to travel by flight paths in the affected zone.
  • It’s unknown whether the hostility is intentional or a glitch.
  • Players love this little detail, and many gamers want to keep this feature going forward.

SoD Phase 2 is live, and with it is the eagerly awaited PvP event: The Blood Moon. Set within Stranglethorn Vale, it’s a completely different experience from the Ashenvale battles during Phase 1. For more details on the event’s features and dynamics, be sure to give this article a look:

You will find not only the key information about the event, but also its rewards and more. In addition, we have included The Blood Moon timetable for your convenience.

The Blood Moon Turns Flight Masters Hostile

However, the excitement surrounding the Blood Moon doesn’t end there. Reports from numerous WoW players suggest that during the event, Flight Masters in the affected zone become hostile. Thus, it’s impossible to have friendly interaction with them, and the use of flight paths is inaccessible:

At the moment, it’s unknown if this is an intentional touch coming from the developers. Nevertheless, fans are wholeheartedly embracing this subtle detail with immense satisfaction:

Have you had the chance to experience The Blood Moon in SoD Phase 2 yet? What do you think? We can’t wait to hear your take on the new PvP event!

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