Player Frustration Peaks Over Ashenvale’s Timer in SoD

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A recent alteration to Ashenvale’s timer has left the WoW community disgruntled.

Key Takeaways

  • Recent changes to Ashenvale’s timer in WoW SoD trigger widespread dissatisfaction from players.
  • Blizzard introduced a new unpredictable time range for battles, with a restart window between 2 to 3 hours influenced by player activity.
  • Players call for a return to fixed start times as the uncertain timer discourages participation, creating concerns about waiting times and impacting overall PvP event engagement.

Blizzard recently announced new adjustments for Ashenvale. There’s a new “minimum and maximum” time range between battles:

“[With weekly restarts] The Battle for Ashenvale now has minimum and maximum times between battles. It will now never restart sooner than about 2 hours after its last start, and will not take longer than about 3 hours since its last start. If player activity is very low or very high, the percentage progress will be sped up or slowed down to match those time constraints.”

— Blizzard

Players have taken to social media platforms to express their frustration with the unpredictable nature of the new timer. Some are calling for a return to a more predictable system. They want a fixed start time of either two or three hours. The WoW community agrees that this kind of uncertain timer discourages many from participating in said PvP events. After all, they will have to wait for hours if they are a second too late to the party.

SoD Phase 2 is arriving in less than a month. And players can’t wait to see how Blizzard will address the existing problem. Earlier, the developers confirmed that Stranglethorn PvP will be completely different from Ashenvale. So, let’s hope that it won’t stir up as much discontentment from the player base as Ashenvale did.

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