Liquid’s Maximum Is “Disgusted” by Season of Discovery

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Despite the popularity of Season of Discovery (SoD), Liquid’s Maximum is “disgusted” by it.

Key Takeaways

  • Liquid’s Maximum is disgusted by Season of Discovery, calling it the “Season of Disappointment.”
  • His controversial Tweet has gathered a lot of opinions. Some agree with him, others don’t.
  • His fans pointed out that this Tweet is a bait. It’s actually a prank he and his fans came up with.

The raid leader of Liquid has recently taken to Twitter to share his opinion about the latest WoW version. According to his Tweet, Maximum is not playing SoD because he’s a big advocate of #nochanges. He disapproves of the adjustments and alterations that Blizzard is making to the game. And so, as a form of protest, he has decided to refrain from playing SoD, calling it the “Season of Disappointment.”

The comment section of Maximum’s post quickly became a battleground. Some lauded Maximum for his straightforwardness. They agreed with him and commended him for his bold stance on such a controversial matter.

On the flip side, others couldn’t fathom his words. After all, Season of Discovery has been a huge success. And Blizzard has been listening and actively responding to players’ feedback more than ever before.

Amid the ongoing discourse sparked by Maximum’s controversial Tweet, fans have pointed out that his announcement is actually a bait.

Tuning into his latest stream, you will see that everything was a joke between him and his fans in the Twitch chat. You can check it out in the video below starting at 10:12. And at 15:25, you can actually see him beginning to write the Tweet. He and the chat tried to come up with the most triggering elements possible, all the while anticipating the uproar from the Classic players. After almost 20 minutes, Liquid’s raid leader was content with the Tweet and hit send.

And there you have it, a trolling tweet that stirred up the entire WoW community. Now, over to you: what are your thoughts on this prank? Share with us your opinion in the comments below!

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