WoW Classic Hardcore: Dramatic Mak'gora over a Belt

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The first Mak’gora has taken place in WoW Classic Hardcore, and it’s over a belt.

Yes, you read it correctly. Due to the harsh environment of the Hardcore servers, the developers want players to engage in PvP only in cases of insurmountable disputes. And recently, such kind of conflict has taken shape. And it’s under the form of a Hunter, a Mage, and the Belt of Arugal.

What is the Belt of Arugal?

The Belt of Arugal is a coveted cloth item laden with potent attributes that could cater to both Mages and Hunters. And as luck would have it, this belt kindled a fiery feud that would soon escalate.

The confrontation was fueled by a contentious loot dispute. For those well-versed in the realm of World of Warcraft, the infamous “Hunter loot” meme will undoubtedly ring familiar. After all, the Hunter class can employ a broad array of weaponry and items. And so, these adventurers often find themselves in a position able to acquire a diverse range of loot. In many cases, even those more suited for other classes. 

To settle the dispute, Mcwiggles the Mage issued a Mak’gora versus Butternutz the Hunter. It’s a one-on-one duel of consequence, where the loser would bid adieu to their character forever. News of the impending showdown spread like wildfire. And a throng of onlookers converged, bestowing buffs upon the contenders. The scene was engulfed in crackling anticipation. And the final moment arrived.

As you have seen in the video above, Mcwiggles utilized their spellcraft. But Butternutz was quick to use the terrain to their advantage. After an intense and unrelenting battle, the Mage was defeated. “The belt belongs to me!” – hollered the Hunter as they emerged victorious. Meanwhile, the crowd laughed, cried, and pressed F for the unfortunate Mage who lost both the belt and their life.

The tale found its way onto WoW subreddits, igniting conversations and garnering responses. Mcwiggles humbly accepted defeat, acknowledging the thrill of the duel.

The dust of this battle has settled. But knowing the WoW community, it’s only a matter of time until another Mak’gora takes place. Grudge matches will surely arrive, and the crowd will be ready to fuel the flames of these encounters.

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