Overwatch 2's Potential Collab with K-pop Girl Group

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In a recent teaser for their comeback, K-pop girl group Le Sserafim has hinted at an exciting collaboration with Overwatch 2

Le Sserafim is a five-member Korean girl group. They made their debut in May 2022. Since then, the group has swiftly climbed the charts. The five talented girls have garnered an enormous fanbase not only in their home country of Korea but also in Japan and around the globe. 

The group’s latest comeback teaser is causing quite a stir in the community. Entitled ‘Tonight, I don’t care what’s wrong or right,’ it presents a pink, futuristic car drifting along an O-shaped racing track. What initially seemed like a mere visual spectacle took an exciting turn.

Observant fans noticed a distinct Overwatch logo prominently displayed on the car’s rear. This discovery has ignited speculation regarding a possible collaboration with Overwatch 2.

The exact nature of the collaboration remains under wraps. However, there’s a possibility that members of Le Sserafim might make a special appearance at the Overwatch World Cup 2023

Stay tuned for further updates! 

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