New Helldivers 2 Anti-Tank Weapon Leak

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Can a day go by without any spoilers? Apparently not, because here comes a new Helldivers 2 anti-tank weapon leak.

To keep track of all the Helldivers 2 leaks that have emerged up until now about new enemies, mechs, weapons, and more, be sure to give our article a look:

Adding to the ongoing stream of leaks, a new anti-tank weapon and its gameplay from Helldivers 2 have surfaced:

The leaked footage was posted by Redditor 2Uncreative4Username. The energy-based weapon can fire lasers. Each shot requires quite a long charging time. According to Redditor ReallyLegitX, it takes two shots to break armor on a Charger’s leg, with a considerable delay between them. The potential consequences of overcharging remain uncertain for now.

What do you think about the new Helldivers 2 anti-tank weapon leak? Is it a beast, or is it just mid? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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