Helldivers 2: Tien Kwan Liberated, Exo-45 Mechs Are Up!

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With Tien Kwan liberated, the Helldivers can now add the Exo-45 mechs to their arsenal!

Responding to the Major Order concerning the Automatons’ assault on Tien Kwan, countless Helldivers promptly heeded the call to defend said planet. This battle held significant importance as failing to liberate Tien Kwan from the enemy’s grasp would result in the Automatons gaining control of the Exosuits. Adding to the pressure, the Helldivers had only 70 hours to secure the mech factories. For further details on this event, you may want to refer to this article:

Tien Kwan Liberated, Players Can Use Exo-45 for Free

And yet, Joel’s menacing army of Automatons stood no chance against players who were excited to add the Exo-45 mechs to their arsenal. In just about 26 hours, the defenders of Super Earth triumphed over the horde of Automatons despite facing challenges not only from the enemies but also from the planetary hazards of Meteor Storms:

The mech factories on Tien Kwan are now secured. In celebration of the Helldivers’ victory, Game Master Joel has made the Exo-45 Patriot Exosuit available to all players for free for a limited time. This special offer means that the Exosuit doesn’t take up a stratagem slot and can be called in even if you haven’t unlocked it. This allows everyone in the community to experiment with the new addition. However, once this period ends, players will need to reach level 25 to officially purchase and add it to their stratagem.

Until then, enjoy this sweet victory, oh fearless Helldivers!

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