Warcraft Rumble Soft Launches with Exciting Updates

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Once known asWarcraft Arclight Rumble,” Blizzard’s highly anticipated mobile game has emerged with a new name. Titled “Warcraft Rumble,” its exciting soft launch phase has begun today.

Inspired by WoW, the strategy title brings in much-loved characters and creatures from the said universe. Thus, pitch them into a strategic setup that guarantees tons of fun for hours on end. Initially, the game will undergo a technical test phase in the Philippines. Once it’s over, Warcraft Rumble will gradually expand to other regions in the future.

Warcraft Rumble’s exclusive closed beta for Android reached its conclusion in June. This pivotal phase provided developers with invaluable insights. The information learned has paved the way for significant improvements to the game. Drawing from player feedback, the original gameplay systems have undergone a substantial transformation. For instance, the developers introduced the “Arclight Surge” feature. It’s an innovative addition that injects fresh mechanics into the maps to avoid repetition. Thus, directly addresses fans’ desire for increased variety. 

The game also boasts a Heroic campaign with exhilarating challenges. To avoid repetition, the developers have decided to do much more rather than simply increase the adversaries’ HP and damage. And so, players are in for unique map mechanics and engaging modifiers that will constantly keep them on the edge of their seats.

Warcraft Rumble Soft Launches with Exciting Updates
(Source: Blizzard)

The collectible miniatures have received some adjustments as well. Before the closed beta, they were only available in one rarity level. Now, they exhibit a diverse range from Common to Legendary for players to acquire. Moreover, each unit has a trio of unlockable talents. Thus, gamers will be able to construct a more formidable army and have more fun collecting all the pieces.

As anticipation mounts, the game’s roadmap promises an array of captivating updates. Some can be named are new miniatures, leaders, and maps. The soft launch period not only serves as a preview, but also allows for fine-tuning based on player feedback. Enthusiasts can secure their early access by pre-registering on the game’s official website. Thus, ensuring a front-row seat to the imminent revolution in mobile strategy gaming.

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