Starfield: ‘Mostly Negative’ on Steam, Dev Criticizes Players

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The Steam status of Starfield is now ‘Mostly Negative,’ with the game’s developer stating that players lack understanding about the game-making process.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield has experienced a significant decline in reputation on Steam, currently labeled as ‘Mostly Negative.’
  • Players express dissatisfaction with the game’s characters, storyline, and outdated gameplay mechanics and graphics.
  • Starfield developer Emil Pagliarulo’s response on Twitter, stating that players may not fully understand game development, has further fueled discontent among the player base.
  • Many players question the game’s $70 price tag, as Starfield fails to deliver the expected quality and value for its cost.

Earlier this year, few would have taken it seriously if someone had predicted that Starfield would emerge as one of the most criticized games of 2023. The initial reception of Starfield was positive, evidenced by its favorable Metacritic score at launch. However, over time, a growing discontent has come to light.

Starfield’s Current Steam Reviews Are ‘Mostly Negative’

Starfield's Current Steam Reviews Are 'Mostly Negative'

At the moment of writing, Starfield’s overall reception is “Mixed.” It has a total of 86,558 reviews, of which 65% express a positive sentiment. However, a closer look at the recent feedback, specifically the 7,434 reviews from the past 30 days, paints a different picture. Only 34% of users in this timeframe describe their experience with Starfield as positive. The majority of players signal their dissatisfaction through a cascade of red “Not Recommended” tags, thus, labeling the title as ‘Mostly Negative.’

The recent reviews characterize the game as bland, soulless, and uninspiring. Criticisms extend to the lack of depth in characters, and uninspiring quests that lack moral dilemmas. Many players express dissatisfaction with the storyline. They deem it uninteresting and lacking the replay value to entice them to revisit the game. As for the exploration aspect, it’s just simply an underwhelming experience.

Critics highlight concerns about the outdated gameplay mechanics. They feel like it’s just a copy-and-paste from other Bethesda titles. The graphics have not escaped criticism either. As many express disappointment in their outdated quality. Despite Bethesda’s seven-year development period for Starfield, the game has ultimately failed to meet expectations.

Starfield Developer Responds to Critics

Starfield Developer Responds to Critics

To make the situation even worse, Starfield developer Emil Pagliarulo recently stated that gamers might not fully grasp how games are created. In an extensive Twitter post, he lamented that players often speak with what appears to be “complete authority” on the subject.

He acknowledges the consumer’s right to complain. At the same time emphasizes the complexity of creating games. He stresses that developers don’t aim to produce bad games. The dev reveals the constant struggle in game development, where the ideal game often clashes with what is possible. Pagliarulo encourages players to express their opinions. But he urges them to acknowledge the collaborative effort and challenges behind every game.

“See, I never knew this before, but if nothing else, video game development is a series of concessions and tough decisions. There’s that perfect game you WANT to make… and then there’s the game you CAN make. Sometimes, if the gods smile on you, those two are very close.”

Emil Pagliarulo

Regrettably, this has only intensified the flames of discontentment within the player base. After all, many players don’t even think that Starfield deserves its $70 price tag with the quality it offers. You can read the original post here:

From being one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2023, Starfield has now found itself among the most controversial titles. Is Starfield meeting your expectations? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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