Pocketpair Shared Palworld Roadmap

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Just minutes ago, Pocketpair released the Palworld roadmap, outlining the upcoming journey for the game.

Despite only days into the early access, Palworld has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Achieving an impressive 5 million copies sold within just three days of launch, the numbers are on the rise, and so is the enthusiasm among players. And so, fans can’t wait to see what plan Pocketpair has in store for this explosive title.

Palworld Roadmap

The Palworld roadmap includes three sections:

Pocketpair Shared Palworld Roadmap
(Source: Palworld)

Critical Issues

Pocketpair’s top priority right now is resolving the issues stemming from the overwhelming influx of users. The team has also identified several bugs in the queue for fixing. Other notable concerns include the possibility of world date rollbacks and persistent loading screens during attempts to enter worlds. Pocketpair assures players that these issues are acknowledged and will be promptly rectified.


Pocketpair is set to implement the following improvements at the earliest opportunity:

Future Updates

In the future, fans can expect challenging raid boss encounters in end-game content. There will be new islands to explore, Pals to tame, bosses to fight, and technologies to master. The future also holds diverse PvP activities both among players and their Pals. Other than that, players can also see updates regarding server transfers and migrations, and improvements to the building system. For Xbox lovers, Steam-Xbox crossplay and various Xbox feature improvements are also on the horizon.

Have you had the chance to experience Palworld yet? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this sizzling new title!

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