Pocketpair May Consider Bringing Palworld to PS5

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Pocketpair has confirmed that they are considering the possibility of bringing Palworld to PS5.

Key Takeaways

  • Palworld has sold 7 million copies in five days, boasting 1.85 million concurrent players on Steam.
  • Pocketpair is considering bringing Palworld to PS5 but hasn’t finalized plans.
  • Shuhei Yoshida congratulated Palworld’s success, expressing support for bring Palworld to PS5 in response to fan requests.
  • Palworld will be in Early Access for at least a year, so an official PS5 release will be some time away.

At the moment of writing, Palworld has sold over 7 million copies in just five days. The game is shattering records left and right on Steam. Currently, it has reached 1.85 million concurrent players, surpassing Counter-Strike 2 to become the second-highest all-time peak in Steam’s history. Despite these impressive figures, Palworld has yet to debut on the PS5. And that has left fans clamoring for the game’s presence on the popular console.

Fans Can’t Wait for Palworld on PS5

Social media platforms have been ablaze with passionate pleas from fans urging the developers to bring Palworld to PS5. So many people have asked the question, “Will Palworld be coming to PS5?” that it has now been featured in the FAQ section of Palworld’s Early Access Launch on Steam. In response, Pocketpair stated that they have yet the plans for Palworld coming to PS5 at the moment. However, it will be considered.

Pocketpair May Consider Bringing Palworld to PS5

What PlayStation Says about Palworld

Regarding PS5, Eurogamer reports that Shuhei Yoshida, the head of indies at PlayStation, extended congratulations to the Palworld team for their substantial success. In response to a fan’s request for a swift release of a PS5 version, Yoshida replied with a “yes.” In the post, he also tagged Jingwen Zhu, PlayStation’s partner development executive for China and Japan, further kindling fans’ hopes for a PS5 Palworld.

However, Palworld is currently in its Early Access phase. As indicated on the game’s Steam page, it is anticipated to remain in this stage “for at least one year.” The duration might be subject to adjustments. The developers may require additional time for fine-tuning, or it’ll be set for an earlier release if they deem the game ready:

Pocketpair May Consider Bringing Palworld to PS5

So, an official release of Palworld on PS5 is still a considerable time away. But one can always hope!

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