Pals Look Like Pokémon, Palworld Devs Face Death Threats

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Palworld devs have been receiving death threats over similarities between Pals and Pokémon.

The momentum of Palworld’s successful debut continues unabated. After an impressive three-day sales feat, hitting the five million copies mark, day four propels the total to an even more impressive six million. The peak player count recorded is now already at 1.7 concurrent gamers. However, the spotlight on Palworld also uncovers death threats coming from overzealous fans.

Fans Send Death Threats and Malicious Comments to Palworld Devs

Recently, the CEO of Pocketpair, Takuro Mizobe, took to Twitter to address the ongoing situation. His translated tweet mentions that the studio is currently grappling with slanderous comments. And as if that’s not stressful enough, they are also facing tweets that seem to have escalated to the level of death threats. Mizobe also took full responsibility for the production. And he urged fans to refrain from making disparaging remarks about the Palworld artists.

Pals Look Like Pokémon, Palworld Devs Face Death Threats

Apparently, the death threats don’t only stop with the developers. In a tweet, Pocketpair community manager Bucky mentioned skipping the death threats and “outlandish claims:”

Branded as ‘Pokémon with guns,’ Palworld’s creatures, also known as Pals, bear strong resemblances to Pokémon. In response to these comparisons, Pocketpair defends their creation. They stated that Palworld draws inspiration from survival crafting games like Ark Survival Evolved and Valheim rather than Pokémon.

Despite facing harassment over similarities with Pokémon, Pocketpair confirmed that they don’t face any potential legal issues. Mizobe underscored that the game underwent thorough legal reviews. In addition, he also affirmed that the team is committed to creating games that do not infringe on intellectual property.

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