Indie Prize Asia 2019: Journeying into Remarkable Realms

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Indie Prize Asia 2019

In the vast sea of gaming, some titles strive to redefine the medium’s limits and offer players distinctive experiences. With smaller teams and tight budgets, indie projects have been the avant-garde of game design, proving that creativity often thrives in constraint. And Indie Prize with sponsors like Amazon and Cocos again shows indies’ power.

This article highlights six innovative titles: 

Each of these projects is a testament to the boundless creativity within the indie gaming scene.

Second Life — An Ever-Evolving Digital Society

Second Life is more than a game — it’s a fully-realized digital society. Developed by Linden Lab, this virtual world offers players, or “residents,” a platform to express their creativity and interact in myriad ways. From building and trading virtual property to engaging in social, recreational, and even entrepreneurial activities, Second Life sets itself apart by being a digital mirror to our physical world.

Second Life’s impact extends beyond gaming, influencing sectors like education and business. With over a million active users as of 2022, it’s considered one of the pioneers and flag-bearers of virtual world experiences.

Unheard — Redefining Game Narratives

Unheard, developed by Moony Baboon, is an auditory-driven platformer that tells its story through a rich soundscape. The game challenges players to navigate its world, making each level a unique sensory journey using only sound cues and vibrations.

Unheard’s innovative use of sound as its core mechanic sets it apart in a predominantly visual medium. This unique approach to storytelling won it a “Best Audio” nomination at Indie Prize, emphasizing the project’s contribution to the indie scene’s inventive spirit.

Biped — Cooperation, Robots, and Adventure

Next, we have Biped, a charming co-op action-adventure developed by NEXT Studios. Players control cute robots exploring a world filled with puzzles and challenges. The title’s unique cooperative gameplay, revolving around teamwork and simultaneous actions, sets it apart.

Biped shines with its bright, inviting graphics and adorable characters, embodying the playful heart of indie gaming. It won in the “Best Multiplayer Game” category at Indie Prize Asia 2019, demonstrating its successful execution of cooperative gameplay.

Crown Trick — A Dance With Strategy And Roguelike Elements

Crown Trick, developed by NEXT Studios, combines a turn-based strategy with roguelike elements. This project immerses players in its randomized labyrinth, populated with deadly enemies and intricate traps.

Crown Trick’s blend of strategic gameplay with dynamic dungeon crawling, all framed within beautifully hand-drawn art, makes it a standout in the gaming scene. It was nominated for the “Best Art Design” at the Indie Prize, signaling its recognition in the indie community with beautifully hand-crafted art.

Muse Dash — Beats, Battles, and Beauty

Muse Dash, by PeroPeroGames, fuses rhythm-based gameplay with vibrant side-scrolling action. Players guide their characters through stunning environments, battling adversaries to the rhythm of an eclectic soundtrack. Muse Dash stands out with its seamless blend of contrasting genres, offering an experience that’s as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the ears.

We already wrote about her in an article on Indie Prize Asia 2018. Nevertheless, we decided to mention it here again because here, it was able to surprise us with her new tracks and characters! This time, it was also nominated several times in different categories. Still, alas, it did not manage to leave with awards.

Ancient Abyss — A Dive Into The Unknown

Finally, we have Ancient Abyss, a Zelda-like action title by Screambox Studio. With its procedural-generated dungeons, players are treated to a fresh exploration experience each time they venture into the game’s abyss.

Ancient Abyss‘ intricate, ever-changing dungeons and responsive, fluid combat create a captivating blend of exploration and action. The project’s compelling design and rewarding exploration mechanics have earned it a noteworthy spot in the indie scene.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

From virtual worlds to rhythm-infused battles, from cooperative robot adventures to sensory explorations, the landscape of indie gaming offers a diverse palette of experiences. It was the last presentation, but what a one. The number of Gems here was enough to create their own publishing house, but what mark they left behind is no less critical. The success of the Indie Prize cannot be denied, and its contribution to the industry too. With the power of the Indie Prize, these projects were able to show off their unique style and the power of independent developers!

And we hope that in the future we will see more support for indie authors.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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