Hades 2 Early Access Announced 

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Supergiant Games has unveiled Hades 2’s early access to be in the second quarter of 2024.

The exact release date and pricing are still under wraps. However, the developers have assured gamers that more information will be unveiled as the launch date approaches. Currently, the title is confirmed to be accessible through both Steam and the Epic Games Store

For the fortunate few, there’s an enticing opportunity to participate in the exclusive Technical Test for Hades 2. This test is designed to identify and resolve the remaining undetected issues. And from there, the developers will work to ensure a seamless and enjoyable early access experience for all.

It’s important to note that this Technical Test will be accessible only to a select group of players. Supergiant Games has yet to initiate the invitation process. They will release more comprehensive information about the Hades 2’s Technical Test as it nears readiness. 

In Hades 2, the narrative of the Underworld princess is poised to take center stage. The sequel promises a richer storyline than that of its predecessor. However, it will continue to deliver the enthralling mix of emotionally resonant mythology-driven storytelling and demanding combat that made its first part such a sensation in the gaming industry. 

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