Bethesda Drops Surprise with a New Elder Scrolls

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Bethesda has surprisingly dropped a new addition to its iconic Elder Scrolls franchise. Named “The Elder Scrolls: Castles,” the mobile title has quietly entered its early access phase.

The gaming community was definitely caught off guard. This revelation comes after a 12-year hiatus since the last mainline Elder Scrolls game’s release. Fans have been longing and looking forward to an Elder Scrolls 6. Little did anyone suspect that Bethesda actually had another plan in discreet motion.

Bethesda Drops Surprise with a New Elder Scrolls
(Source: Bethesda)

The Elder Scrolls: Castles adopts a gameplay style reminiscent of Fallout Shelter. Players take up the helm of reigning over their very own castle and dynasty. Their primary responsibilities involve many aspects revolving around their inhabitants:

As stated above, the game is now in its early access state. So, minor bugs are to be expected. Notably, “Castles” is exclusively accessible to Apple users at this moment.

Bethesda has not made any official announcement regarding the game’s existence. It remains to be seen how the gaming giant will unveil and present their latest title.

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