Diablo IV: Trading Returns, Here Come Sanguine Altar Issues

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The Diablo IV Trading function has returned after its temporary suspension due to duplicate exploits. Nevertheless, a new challenge has emerged. This time, it’s the issues with the Sanguine Altar

The Sanguine Altars are crucial for summoning Seekers through Blood Lures. However, a recent malfunction has disrupted their performance. Instead of being an interactive element, as usual, they now appear grayed out when approached by the Wanderers. 

“Player trading functionality has been re-enabled. We will continue to monitor player posts to ensure all is well with trading.

Thank you all for your patience.”

— Blizzard, Community Manager filthierich

It remains to be seen whether this issue affects all players or only a select few. Fortunately, Blizzard has swiftly acknowledged the problem. As of now, they are actively working to rectify the malfunction. Community Manager filthierich has confirmed ongoing investigations into the issues. Any new developments related to this case will be promptly shared with the player community as they arise. 

“Chiming in to let folks know we’re aware of the issue. The team is currently investigating this and we will provide status updates as soon as they’re available.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.”

— Blizzard, Community Manager filthierich

While awaiting the resolution, players can continue to collect Blood Lures. This aspect of the gameplay remains unaffected. So, it’s a great time for gamers to stockpile these resources for later use when the altars are back into action. 

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