Blizzard Counters Diablo IV Glitch Exploiters with Bans

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Blizzard has banned exploiters who took unfair advantage using a glitch in Diablo IV.

The glitch involved players deliberately disconnecting their Internet to disrupt server communication. Said deceptive tactic confused the system. And so, exploiters were able to transfer non-seasonal characters into the seasonal mode. Thus, giving them the ability to shift valuable items between their characters effortlessly. Adding to the imbalance, this also granted them the advantage of using powerful seasonal gems across different game modes.

For a more in-depth explanation of how this bug worked, you can take a look at Glitch Unlimited’s video linked below. The video lasts only eight and a half minutes. It won’t take much of your time. 

The bug’s disruptive nature toward Diablo IV prompted Blizzard to take action. And so, the company has tackled this loophole through a recent patch. Countermeasures against specific accounts involved in the incident were implemented. According to Community Manager PezRadar:

And it seems these actions include banning players from the game.

The community is more than supportive of Blizzard’s decision. No sympathy is in sight for the exploiters. After all, they had it coming.

This development highlights Blizzard’s effort to maintain an even playground of seasonal and non-seasonal gameplay. The division serves as a critical mechanism to uphold fair competition on leaderboards. After all, there are restrictions on carried-over elements. Yet, the exploit ignored them all. And so, if left unaddressed, it had the potential to upset the game’s delicate balance. Luckily, interventions have arrived in time.

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