Destiny 2 Got Undeservedly Nominated at The Game Awards 2023

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Destiny 2 The Game Awards 2023

In the gaming industry, The Game Awards is an annual event that occurs every December and is the equivalent of the Oscars in the video game industry. A month before the event, the list of nominees is always being announced, and players can vote for their favorite titles. Destiny 2 sparked another controversy among all the nominees by being nominated in the Best Community Support category.

Let’s give you some context: the Best Community Support category includes titles that constantly interact directly with their fan base, manage social media platforms efficiently, are responsive to their audience, and update their project regularly. Destiny 2 fits all these criteria, but only if you ignore everything that happened with it and its fans in 2023:

Many have already noticed this nomination on various social networks. Of course, fans are reacting incredibly negatively to the latest news. Even the former Social Media Lead commented negatively about the nomination, as he was recently fired with other good folks. That’s how displeased people are with the community support of Destiny 2:

Even considering that Bungie tried to respond to all the terrible situations and rectify them quickly, this does not negate the fact that the studio was far from its fans throughout the year. World of Warcraft, Dead By Daylight, Halo Infinite, Counter-Strike 2, and many other worthy live-service projects could have deserved to be in this category. They constantly listen to the players and their feedback, communicate directly with them, and do not worsen the fans’ lives. But alas, for some reason, The Game Awards consider Destiny 2 more deserving.

What do you think? Does D2 deserve to be in this category, or would you put another title in its place? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments!

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