The Coil Platinum Completion Is Getting Easier Next Week

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Now everyone has a high chance of getting The Coil Platinum completion!

The Coil Platinum Completion Is Getting Easier Next Week

The Coil has been an unusual surprise and an interesting activity for many to complete. However, not all players could achieve Platinum Completion, whether due to not knowing the mechanics or unfortunate circumstances during their runs. Bungie has decided to change this.

From February 6th, the amount of Wishing Glass Shard dropped from opponents will increase, allowing players to earn much more points than usual. This change will simplify Platinum runs and allow Guardians to participate in this activity more often.

Interesting fact: Bungie says about 70-85% of people finish The Coil with Platinum, and more than half don’t even encounter the Glass Collector during their runs. What do you think? Is Bungie right to make the activity easier, or are you against it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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