Joe Blackburn Addresses Fans’ Concerns about Destiny 2

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Facing the imminent possibility of a large-scale boycott, the Final Shape finds itself at a critical juncture. In response, Game Director Joe Blackburn has personally stepped forward. Thus, directly confronts and tackles the fans’ concerns firsthand.

Without a word, the whole gaming community is aware that Bungie is in deep boiling water. After the release of the article “State of the Game,” the situation escalated even more. It was the final straw. And so, many Guardians have relinquished any remaining shreds of optimism for their beloved title. 

As The Final Shape teeters on the precipice of potential downfall, Bungie has finally taken action. Joe Blackburn has shared a 16-minute video on his personal Twitter account. This is not a usual practice of Bungie when it comes to disclosing information. However, the Game Director still managed to address a plethora of problems. From the controversial article and the Destiny 2 showcase to the state of PvP, armor, and some information about Xur and The Final Shape.

So let’s take one step at a time and see what it’s all about.

The State of the Game Article

He admitted that the article fell short of Bungie’s usual standards and the fans’ expectations. Blackburn assumed full responsibility for the unfolding events. And so, he has taken on the responsibility of communicating directly with the fans about the situation.

Destiny 2 Showcase

Joe was confident that next week’s Destiny 2 showcase for The Final Shape would be awesome. The showcase was actually recorded a while ago. He also underscored the developers’ goal of making Destiny players fall in love with what’s going to be presented in the Final Shape.


During the video, he dived deep into Bungie’s strategies to enhance the PvP scene. Said aspect has been neglected for years. Despite what was announced in the State of the Game article, Bungie will pour more resources into creating new maps for the Crucible. And so, players can expect an annual influx of new maps in the form of a pack to enhance their PvP experience. And the best part? It’s free for everyone.

The introduction of a dedicated “PvP Strike Team” heralds a swift approach to problem-solving. They will foster better communication and faster implementation of fixes.


Another community gripe is armor. Blackburn acknowledges Bungie’s departure from the company’s past promises. Back then, the company promised that there would be one new ritual armor set for each expansion. However, the developers changed their minds and didn’t tell players about it before releasing Lightfall. 

To make up for it, Bungie aims to rectify the situation by transitioning a real-money armor set to the ritual playlist pool. Blackburn clarifies that this move stems from an apology for communication lapses. The bad news is, even so, annual ritual armor sets might not be a guarantee after The Final Shape.

The Final Shape

As the curtains rise on The Final Shape expansion reveal, Blackburn tantalizingly hints at what’s to come. Major system changes may not be in the showcase’s spotlight. However, players may get a look at an improved HUD display for buffs and debuffs. Blackburn pledges sustained engagement with game streams and open communication channels to gather and address community feedback.


Players can anticipate a major overhaul of Xur. There will also be the reintroduction of Strange Coins.

The points mentioned earlier are the most important parts of the video. But there’s a lot more exciting information shared by Joe Blackburn, so be sure to give it a watch. 

Well, it seems the 16-minute video has done its job. The community’s rage has quelled. However, we’ll still have to wait and see how the showcase will fare and its impact on The Final Shape and the overall game of Destiny 2.

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