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Durch den Kauf dieses Dienstes beendest du den neuen Lightfall Raid – Wurzel der Alpträume. Dein Wächter muss auf dem verlassenen Schiff der Witnesses gegen Nezarec, den letzten Gott des Schmerzes, kämpfen , die sie dank seiner eindringlichen Präsenz entdecken konnten. The Wurzel der Alpträume Raid führte auch die Bedingte Endgültigkeit, exotische Schrotflinte ein, die sowohl im PvE als auch im PvP massiven Schaden verursacht.

Sie erhalten eine Menge Beute für seinen Durchgang, einschließlich Raid-spezifischer legendärer Waffen und Rüstungen.


  • Normal: 48-72 Stunden
  • Express: 1-36 Stunden
  • Einwandfrei: 1-2 Wochen
Geheime Truhen
Deepsight Waffe Puzzle
Wöchentliche Challenge
🎁Express kostenlos
🎁Liveübertragung kostenlos
Best Seller
Geheime Truhen
Deepsight Waffe Puzzle
Geheime Truhen

Verfügbare Optionen:
Es werden 2 Arten von Boosts angeboten: Erholung oder Sherpa.
• Im Falle einer Wiederherstellung spielen wir für Sie auf Ihrem Konto.
• Wählen Sie stattdessen Sherpa, wenn Sie sich unserem Pro-Team anschließen möchten, um Sie durch die Tour zu führen.

Zusätzliche Optionen:
• Wenn Sie einen fehlerfreien Abschluss dieses Raids wünschen, wählen Sie eine separate Option
• Wählen Sie die Option Livestream, falls Sie den gesamten Prozess überblicken möchten
• Holen Sie sich den Lightfall „Legendärer Kampagnenabschluss“, um das Soft-Cap-Powerlevel (1770+ PL) für den Zugriff auf den Raid zu erhalten
• Es gibt ein Deepsight-Waffenpuzzle in diesem Raid, das dich jede Woche mit einer zusätzlichen roten (Deepsight) Waffe belohnen kann
Bedingte Endgültigkeit, exotische Schrotflinte kann von Nezarek, dem letzten Boss, fallen gelassen werden. Mit dieser Option farmen wir die Begegnung, bis die Waffe fällt

• Geheime Truhen mit zusätzlicher Raid-spezifischer Beute
• Pinnacle-Belohnungen (abhängig von der wöchentlichen Raid-Rotation)
• Einzigartige Raid-Rüstung und Waffen-Drops (RNG-basiert)
• Neues Raid-Emblem (für den ersten Abschluss)
• Chance Bedingte Endgültigkeit, Exotic Shotgun zu erhalten
• Erfahrung für Ihren Saisonpass und Ihre Artefaktstufe
• Alle anderen Belohnungen und Ressourcen, die während des Laufs fallen können

• Lightfall DLC
• 1780+ Power Level

Wurzel der Alpträume Beutetabelle für alle Begegnungen:

Root of Nightmares Loot Table

Hier ist, was drinnen wartet:


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Bewertet mit 4.8 von 5, basierend auf 27.847 Bewertungen

The Root of Nightmares is a brand-new Destiny 2 raid added to the roster of the game’s most exciting and challenging activities. Featuring tougher enemies and deadlier mechanics than its acclaimed predecessors, the new instance leaves less room for error, making each encounter a really intense and nail-biting experience. And, as raids usually do, it requires a skilled and coordinated team to succeed. However, finding a reliable group of players can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the game or used to playing solo. That’s where WowVendor comes in with our team of professional Guardians and a wide selection of Root of Nightmares Legend boosting deals for you to choose from!

Forget about nerve-wracking wipes and incompetent teammates. Discover the thrill of top-tier gaming and enjoy high-end rewards with no effort at all. Get your boost from WowVendor now and conquer the Root of Nightmares like a pro!


Destiny 2’s instanced content is well-known for being extremely demanding, and the Root of Nightmares raid is no exception to the rule. Only a well-equipped Guardian with high-level gear can begin this perilous adventure — and, of course, not alone. You cannot beat the raid without a dedicated team of skilled players who can communicate effectively, adapt to changing environments, and perform their roles to the best of their abilities. Successful completion also requires extensive knowledge of raid mechanics and boss strategies, as well as the ability to think on your feet and make split-second decisions. In such a fast-paced activity, even the slightest mistake can result in a wipe, forcing the team to start over. However, the rewards for beating the Root of Nightmare are well worth the effort. As usual, the new raid houses exclusive weapons, armor, ornaments, and other items that are only available to those brave and skilled enough to complete it.

Thankfully, our cheap Root of Nightmares Legends carry and boost offers spare you the trouble of looking for a reliable fireteam that’s truly ready for the challenge. With WowVendor’s pros, earning all those shiny rewards will be as easy as getting an Uber! It’s time to deck your Guardian out in the best armor and showcase your achievements with the most coveted weapons in the game!


If you’re struggling to beat the new instance and looking for an easier way to earn those exclusive rewards, then our Root of Nightmares Legend carries are exactly what you need. Whether you’re a solo Guardian searching for a team, a casual player who wants to save time, or a hardcore PvEer who seeks to push their limits, we have just the right solution for you.

By using WowVendor’s services, you can:

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  • Improve your skills and in-game knowledge by learning from experienced players
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At WowVendor, you can get professional and reliable assistance from experienced Guardians who know the raid inside out and can fight through all of its challenges with ease. Do you want our experts to guide you through each encounter and provide you with valuable tips and strategies? Then order your Sherpa raid completion! Or you’d rather sit back and relax, earning all those rewards in a completely effortless way? We have a boost for that, too! Just choose the Recovery type when you buy Root of Nightmares Legend raid services and get that raid run completed without even logging into the game. You’ll be free to spend time with friends and family or simply enjoy a good night’s sleep, while your hired team will do all the hard work for you.

Whether you want a full raid carry, where our team takes you through the entire raid from start to finish, or a specific encounter carry, where we help you beat a particularly difficult section of the raid, we have you covered. The same goes for our Recovery boosts: you’re free to order Root of Nightmares Legend raid runs for the whole instance, as well as get a single boss defeat boost. We also offer a range of additional services, such as weapon or armor farming or campaign completion, that can help you optimize your boosting experience and get everything you want in a bundle at a very favorable price.


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