WoW Players Ask for 10-Player Raids in SoD Going Forward

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The WoW community is calling for the 10-player raids to be the standard of the Season of Discovery (SoD).

WoW Players Ask for 10-Player Raids in SoD Going Forward

Key Takeaways

  • Many SoD players don’t like taking part in large 40-player raids.
  • They want the 10-player instances to be the standard of SoD raids.
  • There are other players who disagree since smaller raids mean less epicness.

The WoW community has quite an interesting discussion on Reddit about the sizes of raids in SoD. It all started with Redditor w8watm8’s thread. The player shares that they no longer enjoy the hassles of taking part in 40-player raids. Organizing 40 people into one group to navigate through the instance is not an easy task. And clearing such raids also demands a significant time investment. They also prefer lighthearted interactions with their friends during raids over maintaining intense focus and following commands throughout the entire run:

In the comments, other gamers resonate with w8watm8’s sentiment. Most of them really enjoy the 10-player adaptation of Blackfathom Deeps in SoD. And they want this to be the standard of raids in SoD going forward. Strg-Alt-Entf said:

Some players also mention that smaller raid groups of 15-20 players may also help with toning down the GDKP runs:

However, many other players dislike the idea of SoD having only 10-player raids:

Having smaller raids also means it’ll affect the epicness of the game in certain situations:

What about you? Do you like smaller raids? Or are you a fan of larger ones? Let us know in the comments!

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