WoW Dragonflight: Dracthyr May Have Their Tank Spec

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WoW Dragonflight: Dracthyr May Have Their Tank Spec

As you venture through the Forbidden Reach, you may have come across a mission where you have to ask for help from Dracthyr Stoneclaw. The character’s abilities suggest that they may specialize in the role of a tank.

For a long time, there were speculations that the draconic warriors didn’t have a tanking spec. It all started with the black dragon scientist Adamanthia’s journal. She described an experiment that permanently crippled the Dracthyr’s capabilities. However, recent discoveries have shed new light on this subject.

WoW Dragonflight: Dracthyr May Have Their Tank Spec

One of Stoneclaw’s key abilities is Hardened Scales.” It provides a defensive boost by increasing their armor and reducing incoming damage. Additionally, Earth Spike allows them to attack and stun enemies at the same time. Thus, it serves as a perfect fit for a defensive-attacking tank role. With such skills at their disposal, it’s no wonder gamers are abuzz with speculations about what the race’s third spec might be. After all, in recent times, the community seems to have settled with the popular idea that Dracthyr may receive a third spec as support. Yet, only time will tell what Blizzard is having in store. 

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