World of Warcraft: The Voices Within Available for Pre-Order

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The short story collection World of Warcraft: The Voices Within is available for pre-order!

World of Warcraft: The Voices Within Available for Pre-Order

Blizzard has introduced a captivating new addition to the World Soul Saga: “The Voices Within” short story collection. Available for pre-order, this 224-page anthology promises to deepen the narrative of the game’s upcoming expansion, The War Within.

About World of Warcraft: The Voices Within

The book features an impressive lineup of bestselling and award-winning authors:

Together in “The Voices Within,” they take readers to explore the inner struggles and journeys of beloved Warcraft characters across various themes and stories:

“From deep beneath the surface of Azeroth, a mysterious voice cries out for heroes. But before these brave souls heed the call, they must answer to their own voices within . . . .

  • Anduin’s wanderings at last lead him to the solitude he seeks, until his peace is shattered in a heartrending tale by Christie Golden.
  • Andrew Robinson takes Gazlowe to a struggling goblin city, where he aims to inspire its citizens to more worthy ambitions.
  • Thrall grapples with his son’s coming of age in a heartfelt story by Jonathan Maberry about what it means to love and let go.
  • Delilah Dawson gives voice to Alleria Windrunner, desperate to connect with her son in a tense, bittersweet journey home.”
— World of Warcraft: The Voices Within 

“The Voices Within” promises to be a must-read for Warcraft enthusiasts eager to dive deeper into the untold tales of their favorite characters. So, if you are a lore lover and can’t wait to pre-order “The Voices Within,” here’s the link to Amazon for your convenience:

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