Subreddit R/WoW Ceases to Exist, R/FFXIV Takes Over

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That’s it. We give up. We’re joining the Weebs.

— r/WoW moderators

That’s what was written in the announcement of the r/WoW moderators. Apparently, they are sick of Warcraft and decided to turn the more-than-two-million subreddit into a hang out spot for the Final Fantasy XIV franchise. But hold your horses, my friend, before you freak out, it’s just a playful April Fool’s prank!

Talk about dedication to a well-done joke! The moderators really outdid themselves this time. Not only did they revamp the entire page, but they also went as far as penning a lengthy announcement jokingly announcing their defection from World of Warcraft to join the FF XIV army.

There’s even a fake Patch note.

And MrGM made it his responsibility to announce a nonexistent Twitch Drop.

It’s safe to say that the community wholeheartedly embraced and thoroughly enjoyed the first day of April.

Happy April Fool to you! And don’t forget to check under your seat for any whoopee cushion!

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