WoW Lore Battle: Blizzard Launches “Stump Sean” Trivia Show

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Blizzard has released a new web series called “Stump Sean.” The main idea is to test participants’ knowledge in a battle of WoW lore.

Sean Copeland, the Loremaster

This week, our contenders are Graydon Bernardy, a Death Knight. He came to the show with his girlfriend, Korina Dasacoulias, who is a Tauren Druid. And last but not least, Sara, a Worgen Hunter.


The show is hosted by Melanie Johnson and is slated to hit the screen every Thursday on WoW’s official YouTube channel. Three WoW superfans compete against each other for a chance to dethrone Blizzard’s Historian Supervisor. Other known as Sean Copeland, the Loremaster.

There are three rounds in total:


The Stump Sean Trophy Reward

The ultimate prize for the absolute winner is the highly sought-after Stump Sean trophy.

However, in this episode, Sean reigned triumphantly. So, none of the super fans could take it home. But instead, they still had the chance to sit on the Loremaster throne for cool pictures, footage, and great memories.


The first episode of “Stump Sean” was met with great enthusiasm from fans, who were eager to see their favorite game come to life in a new format. It doesn’t only provide an exciting opportunity for fans to engage with the game and test their knowledge, but also a chance to get to know the faces behind their favorite title’s development.

Stay tuned, as more episodes are incoming.

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