World of Warcraft Helped Players Through Their Darkest Days

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World of Warcraft Helped Players Through Their Darkest Days

For years, video games have received criticism for supposedly being a negative influence on children and teenagers. This misconception has been slowly debunked, but many individuals still view gaming as harmful. What they fail to realize is that video games can sometimes be a lifeline for those who need support. A recent Reddit thread has highlighted the positive influence that video games, particularly World of Warcraft, can have on individuals. And below in the comment section, people start sharing their own stories of how this 19-year-old game and its community have helped them through their darkest days

The thread was started by Redditor MeesaAmTheSenate. They shared their experience of playing WoW’s Burning Crusade when they were 16 years old. At the time, they were dealing with physical and emotional abuse from their father. While playing WoW provided temporary comfort, they couldn’t escape from the constant stress their father was putting them through daily. Eventually, it became too much to bear.

World of Warcraft Helped Players Through Their Darkest Days

One day, MeesaAmTheSenate turned to their guild chat to vent their emotions, and a guild member took notice and reached out to talk to them on Vent. Without judgment, the guild member offered advice and provided a listening ear. Thus, showing MeesaAmTheSenate that they were important and cared for

The guild invested in MeesaAmTheSenate’s progress. Its members helped them gear up and prepare for different instances and raids. Although the Redditor eventually had to leave the game, they never forgot the kindness shown by strangers behind the screen

Today, they are doing well in life and have mended their relationship with their father. They shared their story to inspire others to persevere through difficult times and to remind them that friends made through WoW are just as valuable as those made in real life.

After MeesaAmTheSenate opened up, many other WoW players also started sharing their experiences in the comment section. The game and its community helped them cope with abusive situations and loneliness. Some found true friends through the game. Others found love and a brighter future. And many have found themselves, as well as gotten to know that they are not alone. They are needed in this world. They are loved. And there are people who support them. 

The thread is definitely onion-cutting, as many stories will tug at your heartstrings. Especially if you have been through a similar situation.

Despite the prejudices against video games, it’s impossible to deny that they can have a positive influence on people. It’s important to recognize that everyone has their own ways of coping with life’s challenges. 

What about you? Reading this, are you recalling any special moment with World of Warcraft? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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This reminds me of a personal experience I had in WoW during the Cataclysm expansion when I was around 15-16 years old and playing on my rogue. I was determined to join the top guild on my server, so I falsified my achievements and Warcraft logs to get accepted. To my surprise, they invited me. However, the top rogue of the guild eventually discovered that I wasn’t as skilled as I claimed to be, and I worried he would expose me to the guild master and get me kicked out. But instead, he took me under his wing and helped me improve my gameplay. With his guidance, I eventually made it to the main roster and was topping the charts with my DPS. Looking back, it was a wholesome and rewarding experience!