Vault of the Incarnates: The Horde Hall of Fame is Filled

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Horde players finished writing their names in WoW history by completely filling up their Hall of Fame.

Almost two months have passed since the Vault of the Incarnates opened its gate to challenge the daring contenders. Since then, there have been many exciting events. The very first Dragonflight RWF ended with Echo emerging as the victor. The top 10 have prevailed. And last night, 100 Horde guilds from have defeated the Mythic Raszageth, according to Raider.IO. They all received the coveted achievement “Hall of Fame: Raszageth the Storm-Eater (Horde)” and the title Famed Slayer of Raszageth.
The Horde Hall of Fame for the Mythic difficulty level of the Vault of the Incarnates will soon close its doors. Guilds from this faction have until the next weekly reset to defeat the final boss. It will also be their last chance to get the said achievement.

Members of the guilds with the Hall of Fame achievement have an opportunity to receive a personal accolade. It’s the achievement: “Cutting Edge: Raszageth the Storm-Eater.” They must defeat the Primalist’s leader on Mythic difficulty to earn it. This must be done before the release of the next major raid. They will also be able to gain the title “Famed Slayer of Raszageth.”
Compared to raiders from the opposite faction, the Alliance is significantly behind in progress. Only 18 positions have been taken. Thus, they still have plenty of time to broaden their ranks.

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