Top WoW German Guild Aversion Will Stop Raiding

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The Race to World First has been a highly-anticipated event in the World of Warcraft community for years. It’s a staple of the WoW experience for players well-acquainted with top guilds like Echo, Liquid, Method, and Aversion. But alas, no king rules forever. Thus, it’s time to bid farewell to our favorite German guild, Aversion.

The raid leader, Nexxzz, has announced that they will stop competing. He revealed that 11 players had left the team. And it is almost impossible to find replacements at their high level of play in German-speaking countries. The reasons for the departures are understandable. The players have aged and taking on more responsibilities in real life. Besides, their many hours of preparation and racing aren’t well compensated compared to other jobs.

Aversion has been a prominent presence in the WoW raiding scene. During their active years, they have achieved the following:

The Nighthold (Legion) – Rank 47

Antorus (Legion) – 10th place

Uldir (BfA) – 11th place

Crucible of Storms (BfA) – 8th place

The Eternal Palace (BfA) – 9th place

Ny’alotha (BfA) – 9th place

Nathria (Shadowlands) – 12th place

Sanctum of Domination (Shadowlands) – 6th place

Sepulcher of the First Ones (Shadowlands) – Rank 19

Vault of the Incarnates (Dragonflight) – Rank 17

Nexxzz thanked the team and the community for their support over the past six years. Though the future of the remaining players is uncertain, they may still form a new guild in the future.

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