Tank-Only Parties Dominate Mythic+ and Raids in Dragonflight

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As Dragonflight progresses, WoW players are breaking away from the traditional mold of party lineups. They start experimenting with unusual combinations. As of now, the rising trend of all-tank squads is taking the community by storm, as their remarkable success in Mythic+ (M+) and raids continues to surprise.


The mode lets players recruit characters of any role. Thus, there’s nothing to stop the champions of Azeroth from stomping the bosses with the tankiest characters they can muster. Just a month ago, a group of one Vengeance Demon Hunter, a pair of Protection Paladins, a Protection Warrior, and a Guardian Druid completed The Nokhud Offensive +21 keystone. The two paladins provided sufficient healing, allowing them to forego a dedicated healer. And when the whole ordeal was over, they still had two minutes and forty-six seconds to spare.


These unconventional teams have proven to be quite successful. Not only laying waste to the M+ bosses, but they also taking on raids. A squad of ten tanks recently attempted the Normal version of Vault of the Incarnates. The composition consists of three Vengeance Demon Hunters, three Protection Paladins, two Guardian Druids, and a pair of Brewmaster Monks. To everyone’s surprise, the group defeated not one but three of the Vault’s bosses. Eranog, Terros, and Sennarth subsequently fell under their blade.

Tank-only teams are becoming more and more common in high-level dungeons and raids. Thus, players are able to explore new strategies and push the limits of what is possible in Dragonflight.

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