Retribution Paladin Receives Nerfs after Wrecking PvE and PvP

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Retribution Paladin (Ret)? Wrecking PvE and PvP? You must be surprised reading that if you haven’t been up to speed with what’s happening in WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.7. After all, what has made them so powerful that they needed to be nerfed?

The Rise to Top-Charter

With the arrival of Patch 10.0.7, Ret was in for a grand overhaul. From one of the least favorite specs, it has risen to the top three specializations with the highest pick rates. Why? Because of its extraordinary performance in both PvE and PvP

While the changes are bringing positive reactions from PvE, they serve as an absolute nightmare to fans of PvP. It’s almost impossible to go against these Paladins. Thus, many took their frustration to social media, complaining about the Ret’s high burst damage and survivability.

And So, It’s Time to Slow Down a Bit

Although the recent rework has been well received by Ret mains, it has left a sour aftertaste for other players. In response, Blizzard swiftly released a hotfix to try and rebalance the spec.

Retribution Paladin Receives Nerfs after Wrecking PvE and PvP

Yet, many are still not satisfied. They are still hoping that the developers will deal with this when Embers of Neltharion is out on May 2.

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