Randomize Your Drake with Outland Cup Manuscript

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In the upcoming dragonriding event, you will be able to purchase a new Outland Cup Manuscript from merchants.

Randomize Your Drake with Outland Cup Manuscript

The Outland Cup is set to take place for the first time from January 18 to 31, 2024. During the event, you can acquire the Manuscript of Endless Possibility for a mere 50 Riders of Azeroth Badge. This manuscript is more than just a collectible. It unlocks a passive ability, “Endless Possibility,” which can be effortlessly toggled on or off at will.

When you are under its effect, each time you summon your drake, it will take on a random set of appearance options from those that have been unlocked. This will definitely spice up the routine for those who find it monotonous to ride with the same dragonriding mount all the time!

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