r/WoW Will Stay Private Indefinitely

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r/WoW Will Stay Private Indefinitely

Instead of reopening after 48 hours, the World of Warcraft subreddit r/wow has decided to stay private indefinitely. 

The move comes as a response to Reddit’s recent decision to charge third-party developers for API access. For more information, check out this article

r/wow wasn’t the only one that took part in this movement. Around 8,000 other subreddits joined the blackout for 48 hours. Now, after two days, some of them have reopened. Meanwhile, others have chosen to remain dedicated to their cause.

The moderators of r/wow carefully evaluated user feedback. Mostly, the members overwhelmingly favored a complete return to private mode.

“Feedback ranged from “don’t partially reopen; either stick to our guns or don’t bother at all; go back dark, to hurt reddit ad money; reopen, because we’re fucking over the community, because it won’t have any impact, etc; who gives a shit.”

Ultimately, “don’t partially reopen; either stick to our guns or don’t bother at all” seemed to be the most common and popular, so that’s what we’re doing. The sub will go back full private 12 hours after this post goes up, giving y’all a window of time to get anything saved from the sub that you may need.”

—/r/wow mod team

The community believed that this poses a stronger stance. And it would have a more significant impact on Reddit and its advertising revenue. 

Users are encouraged to save any necessary content from the subreddit using Google’s cache function. The moderators also leave a link to their WoW Discord server for individuals who want to keep in touch.

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