r/WoW Reopens: Community Votes to Go Dark 

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r/WoW Reopens: Community Votes to Go Dark

Last week, the popular World of Warcraft subreddit r/WoW made an announcement to stay private indefinitely. However, in a recent development, the moderators reopened it after polling users to vote about what should happen next. 

To better understand why r/WoW, as well as various other subreddits, blacked out, check out this article.

With that said, let’s return to our today’s story. On June 16, r/WoW moderators had a discussion with an Admin from Partner Communities to address the blackout problem. After the call, the moderators received a message from u/ModCodeofConduct. They were curious to learn what actions would be necessary for the community to end the blackout.

And so, the moderators of r/WoW have made the decision to entrust the future of the subreddit to the community itself. To determine the course of action, they conducted a poll where users could choose from four different options: 

Interestingly, the community has shown a strong preference for “Going completely dark,” with 8,774 votes in favor.

Despite this notable inclination, the subreddit appears to be open and functioning. At the time of writing, no subsequent posts have been made regarding the poll or recent happenings. Thus, a concerned Redditor have expressed their curiosity.

Unfortunately, the moderators have yet to provide an answer. It remains uncertain how they will proceed from here. And thus, leaving the community in anticipation of further clarification.

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