Poulson Designs: World of Warcraft Lego Mosaics Art

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Explore Poulson Designs’ innovative take on the ancient craft of mosaics. Instead of using traditional materials, they incorporate Lego blocks to produce breathtaking artwork inspired by World of Warcraft.

(Source: PoulsonDesigns Reddit)

Mosaics have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. People have been using materials like pebbles, tiles, glasses, and colored stones to create intricate art. But what happens when you combine such an ancient craft with modern elements like video games and Lego? Poulson Designs has the answer. They have utilized colorful plastic blocks to create WoW-themed mosaics that are nothing short of breathtaking. Their collection is all-encompassing, featuring everything from the powerful Warchieves to the notorious Frostmourne and the infamous Lich King.

(Source: PoulsonDesigns Reddit)

Poulson’s creativity and passion go beyond the realm of WoW. You can also find Starcraft, Marvel characters, and even Bowser on his website.

(Source: PoulsonDesigns Reddit)

For those who want to own a piece of this unique artwork, the prices range from $10 to $20 USD. If you have a specific character or idea in mind, you can easily place a custom order by contacting them through their website or Instagram.

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