Players Found Fanfic Written by Neltharion in Dragonflight

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A fanfic written by Deathwing, Neltharion, himself. Aren’t you curious to see what’s it about?

Players Found Fanfic Written by Neltharion in Dragonflight

Said black dragon is known by many notorious titles. “The Destroyer,” “Aspect of Death,” “The Worldbreaker,” and so on and so forth. He was considered one of the most terrifying entities in the known world. So dreadful was his reputation that people would only speak of him in hushed whispers. Yet, in Dragonflight, players now have the unique opportunity to discover a completely different side of Neltharion.

Surprisingly, amidst the tales of destruction and chaos attributed to the infamous Black Scourge, it has been revealed that he harbored the guilty pleasure of writing fanfiction about himself and his fellow Aspects. Titled “Opera of the Aspects,” this literary gem was discovered in one of his vaults. It was surrounded by holograms of Ysera, Nozdormu, and Alexstrasza. However, upon further inspection, the book only contains a single page of written content. The rest of them were blank. Apparently, he didn’t have the chance to finish it.

(Source: Redditor APenitentWhaler)

Although it may be amusing to imagine that the fearsome Deathwing had such a soft and adorable side, it is also poignant when one considers the implications of this more deeply. Neltharion desired the approval and validation of his fellow Aspects. Thus, it likely served as the catalyst for his obsessive quest to improve himself and become more powerful. Therefore, this ultimately led to his corruption as he sought ever-greater levels of power from the Old Gods.

The portrayal of Neltharion’s hidden side is an outstanding example of effective writing. It not only offers a unique perspective on the dragon who once sought to bring about the end of the world, but it also demonstrates that the Old Gods possessed a keen understanding of each creature’s weaknesses. By carefully studying and exploiting potential converts’ darkest desires, they could effectively lure their preys to their side. Thus, rendering these ancient entities even more formidable adversaries.

So far, Dragonflight has been impressing WoW enthusiasts with its delicate moments like this one. Only a few days until Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion hits the screen. And we will finally get to see what awaits us in the journey ahead.

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