WoW Patch 10.1.5 Brings Back Colors to the Dragonflight UI

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WoW Patch 10.1.5 Brings Back Colors to the Dragonflight UI

After months of greyed-out micro menu, colors are finally returning to WoW Dragonflight UI in Patch 10.1.5.

Dragonflight brought a host of updates to not only the game’s story but also its interface. Some notable upgrades are a grid-based hotbars customization system, a scalable minimap, a cast bar timer, and more. Over time, the developers continue to improve the interface. Most of the changes were, and still are, warmly welcomed. They help make the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable. However, one of the things that remains a concern in players’ minds is the color of the micro menu UI.

For years, the colorful icons have been a part of WoW. They served a crucial purpose in helping players swiftly recognize the functions associated with each one. However, with the introduction of Dragonflight, WoW has opted for a cleaner look, leaning toward a more minimalistic style.

While some appreciate the change, others aren’t as comfortable. The reason behind such discontentment is that they can no longer quickly click a button and anticipate the outcome. Instead, they now need to invest more time in identifying which icon corresponds to which feature. And so, this reduction in accessibility has affected a significant number of players. 

Responding to player feedback, Blizzard has decided to reintroduce colors to the UI in Patch 10.1.5.

Soon, players will once again be greeted by the familiar vibrant icons. Said decision has been met with enthusiasm by the fans. Thus, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as the community can’t contain its excitement for what’s to come.

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I absolutely hate the interface changes. The wave of blur that follows cooldown indicators blocks the entire icon now, so you can’t even tell if it’s ready to cast.

Any way to put it back the way it was?