OTK's $100K Hardcore Mak'Gora Tournament Qualifier Is Live

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OTK's $100K Hardcore Mak'Gora Tournament Qualifier Is Live

OTK’s $100,000 Hardcore Mak’gora Tournament has entered its Qualifier Stage. The event is now streaming live on the Twitch channels of EsfandTV, Sodapoppin, and Xaryu

With $100,000 on the line, the pressure is palpable. Hosted by the collaborative efforts of the OTK Network and Starforge Systems, this event spans from October 6 to October 31. For a more in-detailed schedule, you may want to pay this article a visit:

Since the arrival of October, the participants had embarked on a relentless journey to gear up their Hardcore characters. All of the contenders relentlessly strived to maximize their power in preparation for the Qualifier Stage. After all, emerging victorious here opens the gateway to the Mak’gora Finals on the Halloween month’s final day. And, of course, the coveted prize pool that awaits the winners. 

Where to Watch the Mak’gora Tournament 2023

At the moment, the Mak’gora Tournament 2023 is being broadcast live. To catch the action, you will want to visit the Twitch Channels of EsfandSodapoppin, and Xaryu, starting at 10:00 AM (PST) on October 30 and 31.

However, our readers at WowVendor are reporting that the advertisements on Twitch can be quite disruptive. So, if you are seeking another channel to watch, consider tuning into the tournament via YouTube instead.

With that said, “Lok’tar ogar!” or “Victory or Death!” it’s time to duel!

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