No new incursions in SoD Phase 4: More information coming soon

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Josh Greenfield has confirmed that there will be no new incursions in SoD Phase 4. However, he also mentioned that more information is arriving soon.

No new incursions in SoD Phase 4 New information coming soon

As WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery Phase 4 progresses on the PTR, players have been encountering intriguing new elements. Among them, some have discovered the Legion Portal Tuner, which links a Fel Scar to a distant world within Legion territory. This device reminds players of Phase 3’s Nightmare Incursions portals. After all, they also transport players into the realms of dreams to complete various tasks during the activity.

Needless to say, the Legion Portal Tuner has piqued community interest. Speculation is rife about its role and potential impact on SoD gameplay, particularly the possibility of new Incursions in SoD Phase 4. However, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield dismissed this idea. He clarified that the Legion Portal Tuner is not connected to any new Nightmare Incursions planned for Phase 4. In fact, he confirmed that there will be no introduction of new Incursions in SoD Phase 4 at all:

As for the current Nightmare Incursions, Greenfield mentioned that more information will be provided soon. He also hinted that adjustments are likely on the horizon:

What do you think about SoD Phase 4 having no new Incursions? What adjustments do you think the developers have in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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