Dragonflight 10.2: No More Dreamsurge Buffs in Valdrakken

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Soon, there will be no more Dreamsurge buffs in Valdrakken.

No More Dreamsurge Buffs in Valdrakken

Blizzard has recently announced a hotfix on the way to remove Dreamsurge buffs from characters in Valdrakken. It will target two Dreamsurge buffs. Firstly, the permanent buff, Dreaming Winds, which boosts experience gains. Secondly, the random buff that rotates based on players’ votes.

“We have a hotfix on the way. Thereafter, Dreamsurge buffs should no longer apply to player-characters who are in Valdrakken.”

— Blizzard

This decision stemmed from players’ dissatisfaction with the rotational buff for various reasons:

The changes are generally well-received. However, there are demands from players to retain specific buffs. For instance, the Dreamsurge Learnings buff. It provides a significant boost of +50% EXP, and +30% rep to DF factions other than the Dream Wardens and the Niffen. Some players have also suggested the option to toggle buffs on and off as needed. But in the end, it remains to be seen what the forthcoming hotfix will bring.

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