No Cross-Faction Guild for the Neutral Pandaren

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No Cross-Faction Guild for the Neutral Pandaren

The famous Neutral Pandaren is facing a huge dilemma: he is not able to join a cross-faction guild.

If you are a WoW lover, then you surely have at least once heard the name “Doubleagent.” Said player is renowned for his unique playstyle, being the first ever to tread the path of peace. Alliance or Horde, the question has never bothered his conscience, as the Pandaren decided to choose neither. Over the years, he always managed to reach the max level in every expansion only by picking herbs and mining ores.

With the arrival of Patch 10.1, like everyone else, Doubleagent must have been excited to experience the highly anticipated feature: cross-faction guilds. Yet, because he is factionless, the game doesn’t let him participate in the rank of such fellowship.

The Pacifist Pandaren has reached out to Blizzard’s support team regarding the issue. However, he was then informed that Neutral is not recognized as a faction in the game. So, it appears Doubleagent won’t be able to join any cross-faction guilds anytime soon. 

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