NASA’s Telescope Pic Sparks Hilarious WoW Meme

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NASA's Telescope Pic Sparks Hilarious WoW Meme

A recent picture taken by NASA’s telescope has become the perfect recipe for the Internet’s memes. And so, of course, the official World of Warcraft Twitter account can’t miss out on the fun.

It all started with James Webb’s picture of a fascinating question mark in deep space.

The memes circulating about this novel celestial object will leave you heaving with laughter. However, none could have had a better context than the one made by World of Warcraft. After all, look at it. Do you find it familiar? That’s right. It’s the exact symbols of the quests that need to be turned in.

And, of course, a not-so-little Easter Egg for the eagle-eyed fans:

The question mark-shaped object is situated beyond a distance of 1,500 light-years from Earth. But luckily for us, it’s still within the 13 billion light-year range of the James Webb Space Telescope. And so, we humans get to see something really extraordinary. Undoubtedly, it has sparked countless questions about the mysteries of the universe.

As of now, scientists have yet to determine what this mysterious object really is. However, there are different ideas and theories. Some think it might be a faraway galaxy. Others say it could be two merging galaxies. And another view is that it’s two galaxies caught in each other’s gravitational pull. But at the moment, there isn’t a definite answer to satiate the curiosity. Our hope now rests on future images that NASA will perhaps be able to discover.

And who knows? We may be all NPCs in a game, after all.

So, what are your theories? Let us know in the comments!

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