Ms. Xiulan leaves Valdrakken on August 30

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Cosmetic Gold Sink vendor Ms. Xiulan leaves Valdrakken on August 30, taking all her unique rewards with her.

Ms. Xiulan is a luxury vendor known for offering a variety of expensive items, ranging in price from 75,000 to 1,200,000 Gold. Currently, players have the opportunity to acquire the following rare cosmetics from Ms. Xiulan, including:

But that’s not all! Ms. Xiulan also offers incredible epic rewards, like the Arsenal: Whispering Temple Blades. It includes two cool One-Handed sword appearances: the Whispering Temple Blade and Gleaming Whispering Temple Blade. You can snag this bundle for 200,000 Gold. 

Ms. Xiulan

The most expensive and glorious reward is the Gold Resonating Crystal mount, which you can get by forking out 1,200,000 Gold. Altogether, you’ll need to save up a total of 2,100,000 Gold to buy everything from Ms. Xiulan.

Ms. Xiulan

Before visiting the Black Market Auction House and talking to the Auctioneers, you must be at level 70. Otherwise, they won’t pay attention to you. If you’re already at level 70 and want to find this vendor at the BMAH, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Head to Little Scales Daycare at [9.6, 57.5] in Valdrakken.
  2. From here, go downwards until you reach the entrance of the Black Market Auction House at [34.62, 60.60], situated in the Petitioner’s Concourse area. There, you will find two Dracthyr guards.
  3. Once entered, you will find Ms. Xiulan on a large red rug in the center of the room.
Ms. Xiulan

After Ms. Xiulan leaves Valdrakken on August 30 at 9 PM (CEST), 3 PM (EDT), and 10 PM (PDT), all ten mentioned items will no longer be available and will instead be offered for purchase at the Black Market Auction Houses. Overall, there are two BMAHs in Dragonflight that you can find at the following locations:

Although Ms. Xiulan‘s rewards will be available at Black Market Auction Houses, the initial bids could skyrocket, potentially making the items less affordable than they are now. So, if you want to get your hands on some of them, you still have a chance to do so until the end of August.

So basically, the Black Market is an interesting game feature offering various exotic items, including weapons, mounts, pets, and transmog items, that are very hard or almost impossible to obtain in WoW through simple activities. Since these items are super rare and everyone wants them, the prices at the Black Market tend to go through the roof because everyone’s trying to outbid each other.

While this is the essence of the Black Market, with many players competing to see who can offer the most Gold, some people who cannot earn this currency quickly feel left behind and sunk in FOMO. Despite this, everyone decides which activities to engage in, and the Black Market is just one of many options, allowing players to bid as if they are participating in a real auction.

That’s all for now. We hope this article has been helpful for you and that you have found plenty of useful information. Speaking of WoW Black Market Auction Houses, do you use them? If so, what was the last item you snagged from there? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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