Mike Ybarra: Blizzard Should Address MoP Remix Quality Issues

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Mike Ybarra praised WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria. However, he commented that Blizzard should pay more attention to MoP Remix quality issues.

Mike Ybarra: Blizzard Should Address MoP Remix Quality Issues

Former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra has always been an active X/Twitter user. Often, he discusses a variety of topics with players, primarily gaming-related. Recently, Ybarra praised the idea of WoW’s latest mode: MoP Remix. However, he also criticized its quality. Ybarra suggested that the developers at Blizzard should have conducted more thorough testing and addressed the issues before releasing WoW Remix MoP.

Since leaving Blizzard in January, Mike Ybarra appears to remain concerned about the state of WoW and Blizzard overall. Back in May, Ybarra defended his friend, Phil Spencer, amid controversy over Xbox shutting down four studios. His tweet angered many fans back then. And now, another tweet from him is once again fueling frustration within the community:


Mike Ybarra’s statement resonates with what players have been expressing about MoP Remix. While the mode offers enjoyment and potential, it’s plagued by various ongoing bugs and issues. However, what enrages the community is Ybarra’s critique of Blizzard’s quality control.

Despite his statement, “Quality has to remain job #1 at Blizzard,” Twitter users pointed out that during Ybarra’s leadership, the largest wave of quality control staff layoffs occurred. This subsequently led to increased issues across all of the company’s games. Here are a few examples to capture the general sentiment:


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